A Leap Into Self Discovery 

A 10 week self discovery series in guiding you toward the uncovering and discovering of your own dreams for you and your lifetime. 
And therefore setting yourself free. 

$800 per person. Payment plans are available.
Space is available for 12 individuals.

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Image by Anthony Tran


It’s was my experience over the years, pressure can cause exhaustion. The exhaustion can cause you to break your own rules, it did me anyway and a lot of them!

Why? Because you begin to think your own rules aren’t all that important or maybe even unrealistic because otherwise, you wouldn’t feel the pressure. 

Guess What? Your rules ARE important.

Let’s let go of the pressure, redefine your own rules and create what is important to you. 



Week One

Rest & Relaxation Prescription 

Week Two

For years I ran around working, doing, figuring out etc, etc. and very rarely did I rest and relax. It exhausted me and left me empty.

Once I learned how to embrace my own rest and relaxation prescription, and I did need to learn how, I discovered something huge!


I had better clarity, focus, centeredness and the ability to give a big fat NO to anything that drained me or my energy.


And so… this week...


Discover how to use these two really enjoyable tools, so you can find your calm, stay rooted and unshakable in the midst of any life storm, move past it and continue forward. 

Image by Urip Dunker
Image by Noelle Rebekah

Your Voice

Week Three

I can’t tell you how many times I didn't speak up. I  ignored my own choice and did something anyway. Or I felt the need to explain and justify my words or actions.

And it left me feeling annoyed, frustrated and full of anxiety. I felt disrespected. Eventually I realized I was actually disrespecting myself by silencing my own voice, my body’s voice, my emotions voice, my minds voice, my hearts voice and my voice box voice. I had to learn to make different choices.

And so this week is all about your choices. It’s about who you are. It’s about what matters to you. It’s about letting go of “proving” or “explaining” yourself. It’s about no longer needing an excuse for anything. It’s also about who and what you “embrace” in your life, and who and what you “fire” from your life. It’s a super power and it’s time to learn how to use it. "


Week Four

I used to place my value and worth in other peoples hands. I didn’t have much self worth, self esteem or self confidence of my own. I felt like I always had to prove my value and worth to everyone around me, so could get to where I wanted to be and be accepted. It was like a swing without anyone guiding it.  Value of self creates opportunities 

So this week- It teaches you, what you value as important, and if what you value is good for you. It teaches you to value yourself for all the great things about you. It’s about discovering if what you value, is actually what you value, or if it’s something you’re “supposed to” value. You have to know what you value about yourself, before anyone else can truly value you.


We’ll discover how you value your body, mind, heart and spirit. Find out what needs to change, what stays the same and what needs to be brought in new and fresh. Most importantly, we’ll start the process of setting aside guilt and shame for the past.


Discover The Key

Week Five

I had years in my life that I always felt like something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it.  It was this unsettled feeling and continuous discontentment. As if there was a missing link or key. I eventually discovered what it was and these days I am as happy as a clam, fully content and deeply settled. 

And for that reason this week is about assisting you in that same discovery. And so I ask…

Have you found that missing link, you know that inner craving that says “There’s got to me more”? 

Have you been looking for another way? A better way? A much needed break? Happiness? The right partner? Acceptance and understanding? An answer?

 Whatever it is, let’s begin the process of discovering it. And without setting yourself or your life aside.

Image by Meiying Ng

From Scared to Brave

Week Six

 I hid a lot of myself and I did it for a really long time. I felt unsure, or in most cases didn’t want to be lashed out at for simply being me, and because it would happen often, I became scared to let myself, be me.


Not these days I'm 100% me and I walk right into the scares, pull them apart and dissolve them once and for all.

I think many of us- we hide our fear, the things that really scare us., we hide our emotions, our thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals and a lot of the things we really love and want to do. We shut down, emotionally and mentally check out, run, fight or flight, and become overly independent.


Fear ultimately disconnects us with the “red flags” or “warning signs” our body and intuition is giving us. . We overlook them in order to feel calm and safe and satisfy a craving for comfort and love.


Where have you been secretly scared? Are you ready to reconnect to yourself and find your place of calm, loving and true inner safety? " So you can create your living dreams?

Image by Japheth Mast
Image by Japheth Mast

Lets Get Giddy

Week Seven

 One of my favorite thing to do in the world is to do anything and everything that causes to laugh! I wasn’t allowed to express myself much in my childhood and so  giddiness is essential in my life these days! 

I blew the shit out of self containing my bliss and joy for the sake of others.

I learned that really laughter and joy- its spreads like wildfire when allowed to unleash and thats good for everyone.

 For these reasons, this week is all about getting giddy and silly.One of the best medicines ever is laughter and joy.


Getting giddy is a great way to connect to them. This gives you the answers you need, the boundaries that you set and the confidence to stand up for what you love and for what is a big fat “NO”


You’ll not only discover and connect with your giddy place? You’ll gain the understanding of how use it to bring ease, joy and clarity whenever needed.

Image by Eddi Aguirre


Week Eight

Acceptance Is When...

 The intense pressure that causes you to break your own rules releases and you begin making the time to give yourself a rest and relaxation prescription.


The stillness from the rest, gives you time to listen to the power of your own voice, to embrace yourself and your life.

Then, you can discover, understand and own your true and beautiful value, end the searching and the survival mode. You’ll have the tools to let go of feelings associated with fear that were caused by past experience by embracing and healing them.

You’ll no longer allow another individual’s idea of you, or their interests, thoughts, ideas and beliefs to affect you. Because you’ll know their ideas about you are not the definition of you. It’s simply their idea of themselves and their fears reflected back to them.

By getting giddy and learning to use it to bring joy and peace into those places where you’re feeling fear, you’ll learn to bring yourself to a place of acceptance for what is and in the acceptance is the freedom.

And in the freedom, your dream for your life comes true. 



Your own Inner Guidance and Instruction  Manual designed by YOU. 

Image by Fransiskus Filbert Mangundap
Weeks nine and ten are for extra time where needed
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