About Laura Barsotti
~Conscious Life Coach~
~Spiritual Awakening Teacher~

"I teach people how to discover who they are and who they were always meant to be. So they can live the dreams they had, or do have for their lives before any bullshit ever got in the way.  And I do it with a sprinkle of a few other non-traditional modalities to enhance the process of each individuals own becoming."   ~ Laura Barsotti ~


I spent many years working to establish a career in the beauty industry, and I was at the top of my game. It appeared from the outside that I had an amazing, wonderful life with a high income, a beautiful home, a beautiful luxury car, a wonderful husband, what more could a woman want, right?

Meanwhile. I was working 80 hours a week. My marriage was both emotionally and mentally abusive, and eventually landed me with a diagnosis of Panic Disorder and Fibromyalgia.. I was emotionally drained with silent tears and I felt defeated.

This was the advanced place of the past that haunted me. That being-An upbringing in an environment with addiction and narcissism, a period of homelessness, mental, emotional and physical abuse, and as a teen sexual assaults and forced into sex trafficking for a brief moment. 

 One day, I made the choice to search for my inner calm and how to claim my freedom and joy. I decided to find my true self, the calm strength inside me and the centered internal peace within my spirit.

Along my path, I discovered my authenticity, who I am in this world and the ability to no longer apologize for who I am or what is best for me. I've healed all the wounds from the past, and found my quiet confidence and courageously brave.

 In the process of my very own becoming, I had the courage to walk away from everything.  It was one of the scariest times in my life, yet that leap of courage, trust and faith in myself and my life, was the best choice I ever made.

Now, I guide other people in discovering their own quiet confidence and courageously brave, so they too, can have their own dream of a lifetime come true. 

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