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I provide a traveling, virtual and in-person safe and sacred container that offers a non-traditional and mystical way of life coaching. I am available for gatherings, events and virtual individual sessions. I offer virtual group workshops that happen four times a year- The spring, summer, fall and winter.


I created this for all those exploring their own self discovery, moving through a spiritual awakening, or in a place of healing from past mental and emotional abuse, traumas, programming and conditioning that brought them to a "stuck" place in life.

I'm here to assist those who desire to  discover and learn who that person inside of them is, and then unleash the potential within themselves to create the life that truly aligns with who they are.

It's a space to uncover that "missing link" and discover that freedom place, so each individual has the possibility to bring their own dreams for their life and lifetime into a reality.


It's a place where ALL individuals are welcome to discover, awaken and embrace their own unique and individual bliss place. The place where they feel fully free and no longer bound by restraints and judgments once placed upon them. To become the awakened and unbound version of who they are. 

What I Do

Laura is a Mystic, Spiritual Awakening Teacher and Conscious Life Coach. She uses a combination of healing modalities and energetic aspects in her work.


These modalities are brought into individual sessions, gatherings and events.


They are designed to bring about spirit freeing, self discovery and soul healing. So you may live the dreams you have for your lifetime.

To see the modalities Laura uses, please click the button below. 

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