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Laura Barsotti Circles

Let's Start a Play Revolution

Hi I'm Laura!

Creator of Carefree Circles

Laura Barsotti Playcations

Gather Your Group For The Ultimate Experience!

Join me in a real time, play filled circle with the people you’d like to gather with for the ultimate transformational experience for your mind, body heart, spirit and soul.  

All you have to do is show up to your location and I'll take care of the rest!


Hi, I’m Laura and I am a creator of circles where people come to play and have SILLY FUN!


I’m a happy and carefree mystic that’s been living my love for the road, wandering and exploring as a full-time Van-lifer since 2020. I love to be in motion, and the road is where I feel the most home. I love all that nature has to offer, to live in the moment and to authentically gather and connect with community and this beautiful planet.

I take time to play and have fun daily because for me, playing is absolutely essential to bring about bliss and clarity. Connecting with nature and life's little treasures is play for me. It nourishes my heart, spirit and soul. Life can be serious, and at the same time, it doesn’t have to be so serious or stressful all the time. 

That’s why I create powerful, creative and expressive circles that are fun, play-filled, nourishing and TRANSFORMATIVE giving way to a Play Revolution. It's a way to connect with your inner self in a light and joy filled way. 

Laura Barsotti Circles

Carefree Circles are for Everyone

Laura Barsotti Playcations
  • You crave more time to play and have fun in your life

  • You desire to experience moments in life that feel like play instead of work, goals or requirements

  • You crave time to be free of expectations, restraints and judgments

  • You miss the innocent kid inside of you

  • You’d like to transform your overall wellbeing though fun and play

  • You would like to get unstuck and gain clarity

  • You want to feel truly touched, nourished and cared for

  • You are awakening and looking for navigation

  • You are in the process of transforming yourself


It's time to RECLAIM the value of play so we can feel our aliveness and our wholeness

Schedule Your Day or Weekend of Fun and Happiness Today!

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