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  • Have fun, laugh till your belly hurts, tickle your spirit and set your soul free.
  • Let the little kid inside you come out and play.
  • Experience the use of non-traditional practices for inner healing.
  • A safe, sacred space that leads you into self discovery and owning who you are by knowing yourself by heart. 
  • A traveling space that brings the experience to you. 

About me, Laura Marie...

Hi! I’m Laura, I do Vanlife, traveling around in my Mercedes Sprinter. I take time to play daily. 

I am a creator of circles for connection, carefree play, to have fun, by taking the time to play and using the energy created from that, along with visualization, meditation, breath, yoga nidra, sound baths, and energetic healing 

I'm a free spirited woman with a vision of leading and changing the way we heal, the way we discover, the way we grow and the way we thrive, so all individuals have the possibility to be freely who they are without ever apologizing for it again!

" You'll never meet another person like yourself. So, take the opportunity to get to know yourself by heart. Within that, you"ll find your fearlessness, your joy and your wild and free!" You will uncover, your own dream of a lifetime."

~ Laura Marie Barsotti ~
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