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Laura Barsotti Playful Transformation

I spent many years establishing a career in the beauty industry. I was at the top of my game. From the outside it appeared I had an amazing wonderful life, a high income, a beautiful home, a beautiful luxury car and a wonderful husband. What more could a  person want, right?


The real truth at that time was this:


I was working 80 or more hours a week and barely home to enjoy my home. My marriage was both emotionally and mentally unhealthy. I had constant anxiety and worried about so many things. I was emotionally and physically drained with silent tears, depressed, angry and I felt defeated.

Hey There! I'm Laura

I asked myself, how did my life get to this? Where was the time for fun, for enjoyment, for silliness, for me to do all those things I used to love to do and just let loose and get silly? I had no clue really how or when exactly it happened, I just knew I missed that in my life and I wanted it back. 


One day, I made the choice to search for my inner calm and my happiness and learn to claim my freedom and joy. I decided to find myself and what brought me consistent, daily happiness again.


Along my path, I discovered my authenticity. I re-discovered who I am and the found ability to do what is best for me and my life, to take the time to simply play, have fun and stop worrying about what could happen, what did happen and instead just be with the moment to moment life that’s right there in front if me.


In the process of my very own becoming, I had the courage to walk away from everything that no-longer brought me joy.  It was one of the scariest times in my life, yet that leap of courage, trust and faith in myself and my life, was the best choice I ever made.

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