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Carefree Circles 


You schedule the location and I'll handle the rest!

My circles can be held anywhere whether in your own beautiful space, in nature, a field or a big room.  Wherever you choose to gather, I'll intuitively create a fun experience full of transformational silly fun.


Why Play Circles?

When we were kids, we played, we created and we used our imagination without worrying about a having plan or how it was going to play out. We did it simply because it was fun and carefree. It was guided by our intuition, imagination and what truly interested us before life got in the way.

Somewhere along the way we were taught to set that aside, that you need a plan, a goal, and that life was supposed to be lived a certain kind of way. 


My circles are designed to bring about joy, silliness, laughter, self discovery and spirit tingling fun so you can come back to your curious true nature.

  • Circles unfold organically in REAL TIME free of expectations. 

  • I intuitively tune into what’s needed collectively and allow the magic and the unfolding to happen as it occurs


  • I’ll guide you in bringing back the curiosity of a child and the letting go of the “adulting” way of having to “figure it out”

  • This is a space to come to play with any areas of yourself that need to be touched and twirled with

How It Works

Laura Barsotti Playcations

Let me assist you in remembering the free playful self that you have been and can still be!

We might dance, swing on the swings, sing, paint, create vision boards, jump rope, jump in the leaves, splash in the puddles, make sand castles & sand angels, hike, collect rocks & shells, watch the sunset & sunrise, play simon says, twister, a wide variety of games or roll around in the grass. and I might bring other powerful energetic healing modalities into the mix if that is your choosing. 


Optional Modalities

Laura Barsotti Circles

​I use countless modalities and tools that we can tap into without the need to predetermine what they will 

Life itself can be predetermined enough and we set that aside here! 

  • Tribal Wisdom of the High Holy Andean Mountain Q’ero Inca Tradition

  • Breath-full Yoga

  • Reiki Circles

  • Mystic Journeys

  • Akashic Journeys

  • Sekkem

  • Sound Baths

  • Movement

  • Vegan Food

Circle Packages

An Evening

  • $60 per person

  • 3 hours

  • Minimum of 12 people and up to 20 people  

  • Non-alcoholic beverage and light healthy snack included

  • *50% deposit + travel fee upon booking 

A Full Day

  • $150 per person 

  • 8 hours 

  • Minimum of 12 people and up to 20 people 

  • Non-alcoholic beverage, snack and light vegetarian lunch included

  • *50% deposit + travel free upon booking

A Weekend

  • $300 per person

  • Friday evening-Sunday at 1pm

  • Minimum of 12 people and up to 20 people

  • Non-alcoholic beverage, and light vegetarian meals included

  • *50% deposit + travel fee upon booking 

Does not include accommodations. They can be arranged for an additional fee paid in advance

Travel Fees

  • 75 miles and under $50

  • 75-100 miles $150.00

  • 100-200 miles $200.00

  • 200-300 miles $250.00

  • 300 miles and above- Based on exact travel time and distance required


Prices may vary based on fuel prices

Small Business + Corporations

  • Minimum of 15 people

  • *50% deposit + travel fee upon booking

  • Contact for a price quote

*Deposits are refundable up to 7 days prior to start day


Benefits of Play Circles

  • ​Human Connection

  • Freedom

  • Joy & Happiness

  • Self Discovery

  • Silly Fun

  • Nourishment

  • Transformation

  • Well Being

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